The SurFix Finish Applicator Set  from Festool USA includes an applicator, 0.3L of Heavy-Duty Oil, 0.3L of One-Step Oil, and 0.3L of Outdoor Oil, plus 5 replacement sponges, 20 assorted sheets of 150 mm wood-specific, Rubin and Brilliant abrasives, and 10 more pieces of Vlies polishing abrasives, packed in a Systainer 3 container. The One-Step Oil’s applications include indoor, lower-traffic surfaces including furniture, shelving and cabinets.  The Heavy-Duty Oil’s applications include higher-traffic indoor surfaces such as dining tables, work surfaces and stairs. Outdoor Oil is designed for exterior use on items such as garden furniture, pergolas and decking. It is made from natural ingredients and protects against fungal growth and UV damage, says the company. The SurFix oil dispenser and applicator provides an easy to use method of applying finish, says the company, with a self-contained system that provides even distribution while eliminating the need for rags and brushes.  The three grades of oil are made from Linseed-based oil. SurFix components are also sold as separate components or refills.

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