Outwater's Resin Artisan Collection of Architectural Decorative Elements, made from a propriety combination of maple and resin, offers benefits over wood decorative ornamentation in that it is free of typical characteristic adversities often encountered when working with wood, says the company. The hybrid material is without knots and is not subject to warping, cupping and staining inconsistencies, says the company.  Applications for the collection, inspired by popular historical and classical designs, include ornamentation for furniture, doors, cabinets, walls and ceilings. The Resin Artisan Collection consists of more than 1,300 Castings/Designs, and includes the following decorative elements:  Mouldings, Columns & Capitals, Corbels, Medallions, Ceiling Ornamentation, Sconces, Scrolls, Panels, Keystones, Rosettes, Bases, Cartouches, Centers, Corner Ornamentation, Onlays, Decos, Drops, Faces, Finials, Festoons, Friezes, Swags, Plinth Blocks, Pulls, Rings and other Specialty Decorative Ornamentation.

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