CHICAGO - How you dress can say a lot about your home’s interior design, according to a survey conducted by Trunk Club, a personal styling service of Nordstrom’s, and CB2, a brand of Crate & Barrel, which offers modern home décor and furniture.
Based on the online national survey, conducted earlier this year of 2,000 consumers, approximately 72% of respondents say they can predict interior home design based on a person's wardrobe at a moderate, high, or very high degree.
Also, nearly 40% of those surveyed said that their overall happiness would improve if their wardrobe and home's interior were in sync.
Additional findings include:
Comfort Reigns King: Respondents who describe their clothing style as "comfortable" or "conservative" are most likely to select "traditional and comfortable" home interior style (61 percent and 63 percent, respectively).
Living Space Style: Living rooms and bedrooms are in a statistical dead heat for the top room respondents say reflects their personal style, with 53 percent and 52 percent, respectively.
Doing Your Business: Offices and bathrooms are least likely to be ranked first or second as rooms most reflective of personal style – 19 percent and 18 percent respectively.
Life Changes: Of all events, respondents are most likely to say marriage has had a significant impact on their style at 27 percent. The birth of a child and new jobs are close behind, at 24 percent and 23 percent, respectively.
Based on the survey findings, Trunk Club and CB2 plan to launch 'Live Your Style' campaign to explore the connection between dressing and decorating.
"We are excited to explore a deeper conversation about style and how it influences your everyday life," said Linda Bartman, Chief Operating Officer at Trunk Club.  "Our service inspires and empowers our customers to feel confident in their clothing, and this research shows the connection between what we wear every day and how we style our home."
The seasonal cross-channel marketing campaign will showcase CB2 and Trunk Club trends throughout the year, from how people can apply seasonal fashion trends to their home design and vice versa. Part of this campaign will feature a Trunk Club and CB2 sponsored sweepstakes featuring a $500 gift card to each brand.
CB2 has created a permanent installation at the Trunk Club Chicago Clubhouse. The fitting room and lounge space will be updated seasonally to match both fashion and home trends.  

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