Kitchen remodel specialist outlines pandemic changes
February 10, 2021 | 3:42 pm CST

Remodeler Kitchen Magic provides refacing and other services through contractors and designers. The company outlined some changes consumers are seeking in their kitchens as a result of the pandemic.

More storage. Kitchen design includes precise measurements and ideas to ensure the kitchen is more functional for the customers. Hunkering down during the pandemic has taught everyone to stock up, and nearly 98 percent of homeowners that remodel their kitchens reported some extra internal or external storage options.

Islands instead of tables. One-third of homeowners are removing the kitchen table and adding an island. It will still maintain its multi-functional purpose, allowing homeowners to add another stove top, shelves for small appliances, wine refrigerators or pot drawers.

Light in the cabinets. Custom cabinetry with integrated lighting adds aesthetic appeal and function to a workspace. Under-cabinet and task lights provide better visibility when doing kitchen tasks.

Cleanable surfaces and floors. The kitchen requires quality surfaces, with an easy-to-clean, resistant and highly durable textures. Kitchen floor materials include hardwood/engineered wood, vinyl wood plank and ceramic/porcelain tile.

No-touch faucets. The pandemic has increased the need for hands-free faucet features. Among the most interesting novelties in the field of faucet accessories is the kitchen tap that is turned on by voice activation.

Bigger backsplashes. In a surprising twist, 57 percent of homeowners who upgrade their backsplash are embracing a feature wall, installing a backsplash from countertop all the way up to the ceiling. Ceramic tile leads as the chosen material. As for styles, subway will remain popular.

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