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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware selection is crucial to your design. A successful pairing will provide a beautiful accent without overpowering the furniture itself and will serve to pull together and stabilize the balance of colors throughout the entire kitchen. We spend a lot more time at home these days, and we’ve definitely learned our way around the kitchen. Some of us have probably even discovered just how much we dislike our current layout and decided now is the time to tackle that remodel project we’ve been dreaming of for a very long time. Whether a light duty remodel or a full-scale custom cabinet build, it’s the accents that make all the difference.
Choose from classics like Satin Stainless Steel for a traditional and timeless look, Aluminum for a clean and contemporary look, or beautiful satin brass (especially on charcoal or navy) for a bold and elegant look, and many more, whatever suits your personal style. Consider function as well as style - those handles aren’t just for looks. You’ll be touching them every single day and leaving germs on the surface. Quality drawer pulls and cabinet handles have a coating to protect against harmful deposits and will preserve the life and look of your cabinetry. Also new to Mockett’s line of Drawer Pulls is an antimicrobial coating option to kill germs on contact on select items. 
Attention to detail is what separates a good design from a great one. Sometimes those important details aren’t about what you see, but what you don’t see. Adding hideaway power outlets that pop up for use and then press down closed into the surface when not in use can add value in a big way to your design. Not only does this allow you to add convenient power options wherever you need them most on your counter top for small appliances or for charging phones when hosting or gathering, but it also does not interfere with the flow of the design as it disappears into the surface. Mockett has several options available that are rated for kitchen use.
Some simple hooks can add style and function to your kitchen, whether on a wall or on the side of your cabinetry, anywhere you might need to hang a hand towel, utensils, or other kitchen items. Anodized Aluminum hooks have a sharp and refined look that go with any design. Mockett has dozens of styles to choose from. 
Now what about protecting that new cabinetry? Have you looked under your kitchen sink lately? I mean really looked? It can get pretty disgusting down there with leaks and drips from the faucet and chemical solvents being stored there and can start to damage the cabinets. An easy fix is an under sink liner – an aluminum sheet that is made to order to fit your exact specifications and lined with a water resistant rubber gasket. Easy to wipe clean and keeps a nice contemporary look. Protect your new cabinets and keep them looking new.
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