Vectric’s Aspire software offers a solution for doing custom decorative custom woodwork with a CNC machining center. The intuitive software is a complete solution for quickly designing parts and creating toolpaths to drive a CNC.

Aspire is backed up by more than 30 hours of tutorial videos to ensure that you or your staff can generate immediate return on your CNC investment. There are many levels at which Aspire and a CNC can be integrated into your shop. At the most basic, you may use it to accurately cut out 2D shapes or process cabinet parts. The next level would be using it to add decorative elements such as V-carved graphics, textures or ornate inlays.

If you want to start offering 3D relief carvings, the wide availability of 3D clip art makes it possible to find a 3D model that can easily be purchased, downloaded and machined to add a carved element to a design. At the highest level the software allows you to import or draw 2D designs, then model those into 3D relief carvings. This means you can offer a 100% custom carving unique to a particular client. A free trial download lets you test the software and see how easy it is to add value to current work and open opportunities in new markets.

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