Granger, IN March 16, 2012 - UFP Granger, LLC has implemented software to track their molder template library, machine setups, and the complete life-cycle of their tooling.

The tool-tracking software was developed by Intooligence LLC, located in Elkhart, IN.

With over 300 tools in the system and counting, UFP Granger has made quick use of the easy search and organization capabilities of Intooligence. UFP Granger has their own grinding facilities onsite and tracks the internal sharpening of knife sets, location of knife templates, and general condition of their molder tooling using Intooligence. No major changes to the tool-room were needed.

A computer was added with Internet access and Intooligence trained the employees and guided them through implementing the system. Cutterheads were identified and entered along with the knife sets that were present in the heads. Then assemblies were created that linked the knife sets to the cutterheads and allowed them to store data about the assemblies like small diameter and axial location.

UFP Granger is also making use of the new setup time tracking feature that they were integral in helping Intooligence develop. The new functionality allows them to enter a work center, product code, job number, and the amount of time it took to setup the machine. The system will calculate averages for their setup times and allow them to filter the average by machine, job, or product. Intooligence, LLC. provides software to ‘empower companies to make data-driven tooling decisions that result in increased efficiency and profitability’.

Located in Elkhart, IN, Intooligence was founded in 2010. For further information, contact Jim Baad at 877-720-8665.

Located in Granger, IN, UFP Granger, LLC. is a location of Universal Forest Products, Inc. UFP Granger manufactures beam sides, edge forms, finger-jointed studs, housing trusses, wood decking & railing, wood fencing and other lumber-related products.

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