Architectural designs originate in multiple settings, on multiple platforms, before they ever reach the architectural woodwork firm. Once your company wins a bid, problems worsen.

“In today’s architectural woodworking industry, there is a disconnect within the estimating, engineering, and manufacturing departments,” notes software developer Microvellum. “While there are a few products available that help reduce costs and improve the disconnect, these other software solutions are independent of each other and often provide little, if any, communication between other software that is being used within the same company.”

With the introduction of Blueprint Analyzer, demonstrated at the AWFS Fair 2013 woodworking show, Microvellum says its application is the first to allow companies to complete the estimating, engineering and manufacturing processes with a single software system.

Blueprint Analyzer will not only speed up redundant tasks for estimators, but it will keep your company connected using one software, one database.”

It can manage all digital plans in one centrally referenced system; automate renaming digital pages to match architectural drawings. And Blueprint Analyzer Analyze will also review revisions and make sure that all updates have been seen, automatically scan through revised plans to alert users of the percent of change versus the original. During the inspection of changes, both sets of plans are overlaid to graphically see the differences. Users can make annotations and markups on plans and share them digitally. It also automates the takeoff process using live product libraries, creates 2D or 3D submittal drawings from takeoffs with two simple mouse-clicks.

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