GREENSBORO, NC - KCD Software says it has integrated its cabinet design program to Cabinotch, allowing for direct order of Cabinotch ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets based on project design plans.

The new partnership, which will be demonstrated at Cabinets & Closets Expo 2014, gives cabinetmakers the ability to design and present 3D renderings of custom cabinet layouts on a computer or tablet.

"They can design it, show it to the customer, and once the customer agrees, they can send this job file to Cabinotch," says Murphy. The file will trigger Cabinotch's order system to dynamically calculate pricing. Once ordered, cabinet boxes will ship in flat-pack form from Cabinotch to the cabinetmaker.

KCD Software Adds Cabinotch Cabinet Box OutsourcingCabinotch boxes, which assemble in minutes, are customizable within 1/1,000th of an inch. The Cabinotch system incorporates a patented, interlocking side panel-to-face frame wood-to-wood joint. It incorporates Columbia Forest Products’ domestically produced, formaldehyde-free PureBond hardwood plywood. Columbia Forest Products acquired Cabinotch in 2012.

Through a web portal - or now, using KCD's design software - buyers specify the face frame and interior face species, adjust sizes, and order their cabinet box parts, which are then shipped directly to their shop.

"Cabinotch is really the first ready-to-assemble cabinet system that is fully customizable," says KCD's Leslie Murphy. "You can design in KCD software, then send the design file to Cabinotch, and it automatically generates a quote. Their product is customizable, and that 's why it was able to work so well with KCD software." 

KCD Software Adds Cabinotch Cabinet Box Outsourcing The KCD program also generates information on drawer boxes and door sizes, allowing these items either to move into production or to be outsourced as well.

"KCD Software makes the 'front end' process of custom cabinetry design easier than ever," says Todd Vogelsinger, director of marketing for Cabinotch, with "stunning renderings that make it easy to engage the customer."

Vogelsinger says the link between KCD and Cabinotch allows cabinetmakers to provide on-the-spot price quotes, helping close sales faster and cabinet installation projects to begin sooner.

KCD Software Adds Cabinotch Cabinet Box Outsourcing  KCD Software says its software solution is used by more than 12,000 woodworkers, providing access to a sizeable market for Cabinotch. 

"The partnership with KCD Software adds yet another dimension to the operational efficiencies we deliver,” says Mike Lee, general manager of the Cabinotch program. “You can order your box parts from Cabinotch and start working on your doors, drawers, range hoods and trim. When the Cabinotch parts arrive, usually within a calendar week, finishing them and putting everything together is a breeze."

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