WINDSOR, ON CANADA -- Internationally recognised software development company, Delcam Plc, has recently launched its new and revamped mid-range CADCAM software package, ArtCAM Insignia. Formerly focused on the 2D and 2.5D creation of furniture, it has been completely overhauled to provide furniture manufacturers worldwide with an affordable introductory 3D modeling and CNC/laser machining software package.

The software can now not only be used to: simultaneously drill holes for cabinetry, create male & female inlays and nest items to be cut according to their true shape (whilst allowing for left over material dimensions to be saved) but also instantly transform 2D designs into 3D shapes, ideal for decorative furniture.

Incorporating some of the 3D modeling functionality from the range’s advanced CADCAM software package, ArtCAM Pro, Insignia 2011 R2’s new 3D shape creation tools can instantly convert vector artwork (line drawings) into a multitude of 3D shapes. By simply double clicking on a specific colour of a Bitmap image or a selected vector, the intuitive ‘Shape Editor’ tool allows furniture makers to not only instantly create a 3D shape with their preferred shape profile, angle and height but also how the shape is combined with any 3D relief that has already been created.

Alternatively furniture designers can use the ‘Two Rail Sweep’ tool. This allows them to create a unique 3D shape by selecting a number of open vectors to represent the edges and cross sections of their 3D relief. This tool is ideal for creating decorative edging for frame and doors for example.

For those furniture designers who wish to create textured wall panels, cabinets or doors, the ‘Texture Relief’ tool is an extremely quick and efficient way of adding or subtracting a range of shapes or imported textures to any colour, vector or 3D model.

If there are any unwanted blemishes, for example from an imported 3D design or adjoining areas between 3D shapes, the ‘Smooth’ tool or the ‘Smooth Sculpting’ tool are extremely useful. The ’Smooth’ tool smoothes the entire model or areas within a selected colour or vector evenly, whereas the ‘Smooth’ sculpting tool allows the furniture designer to vary how much material they sculpt by altering the diameter and shape of the tool used as well as how much pressure is applied.

With the ‘Erase’ sculpting tool, furniture manufacturers can in addition to sculpting areas down flat, sculpt back to a previous point in time. This means that if they made a mistake using the ‘Smooth’ sculpting tool on an area of their design they could erase a small portion back to its original state. By varying the pressure applied to the design, they could also determine how much of the smoothing is removed.

What’s more, if the furniture manufacturer works with imported DXF or PDF files, ArtCAM Insignia’s ‘Toolpath Templates’ enables them to apply previously defined machining strategies, cutting tools and machining parameters to named layers within the imported file, and calculate them with just a single click. Once the 2D or 3D design is complete, all toolpaths can be simulated prior to being sent to the CNC or laser machine to make sure the furniture designer is happy with the design.

Delcam ArtCAM Marketing Manager, Rebecca Freemantle comments, “Delcam is committed to continually developing its suite of scalable software packages, so that organisations and individuals alike can design stunning furniture with software tailored to their design, manufacturing and budgetary requirements. ”

For more information on ArtCAM Insignia 2011 R2, to download the trial version or purchase it online go to:

Source: Delcam North America

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