The new Festool Carvex jigsaws launches in September and features a blade guidance system as well as a base-changing system that adapts to any application, multiplying the jigsaw's capabilities.

We were pleased to have the opportunity to try out the new Festool Carvex portable jigsaw and accessory kit. Our students noticed immediately some great safety features of the

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saw: the retractable guard fully encloses the blade while allowing a clear view of the blade, the momentary contact switch ensures that you can't accidentally plug in a tool that is already switched on and the twist lock cord makes it convenient to disconnect the power for safe blade changes and set ups.

One of our favorite features was definitely the tool-less blade changing, and in fact all of the controls and adjustments are easy to use and understand. Everyone thought the tool had great ergonomics that allowed for one or two handed control and the dual power switch made it equally functional left or right handed. The splinter guard provided with the saw is very effective in creating a clean cut edge on top even across the grain and on delicate materials like laminate and veneers.

Accessories are well thought out and especially easy to change out and set up. The accessory kit we tried out includes multiple bases and sub bases that can be used with every imaginable material, adjustable angle base for bevel cuts and an accurate and easy to use circle cutting jig.

Overall great design and engineering that make the tool a pleasure to use.

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