Cutting compound angles in crosscut applications is often trial and error – with an emphasis on error. Woodworkers manually set stops and setting angles, check and recheck, miscut, repeating as needed.

TigerStop’s new TigerAngle, shown at AWFS Fair 2013, is intended to trim back setup, test cuts and trial parts. Entered in the Visionary Awards, TigerAngle automates material length positioning and compound mitering, aimed at high volume horizontal and vertical angle cutting operations, such as window and door work, timber processing, framing, palleting, where TigerAngle can speed production 75%, says TigerStop.

Built into TigerAngle are features for safety and material optimization, and Tiger­Stop users will recognize its controls and automated length positioning system, for example, which allows TigerAngle to be used solely as a stop in a set point operation or used as a push feed operation.

The miter saw has been retrofitted with TigerStop drives to automate miter adjustments. Beamworks Software, developed specifically for TigerAngle, lets the operator create or download cutlists directly to the computer, see visual representations of materials and store repeat jobs. (Beamworks is compatible with other woodworking software programs, too.)

Other features: automated safety hood; material clamping system for accurate positioning for cuts; extended pusher foot for reaching far into the hood on very small precision cuts (prevent operators from reaching in); and a laser guide to show exactly where the blade will cut.

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