Cutting and shaping wood extends well beyond the benchtop and shop floor for cabinetmakers and interior woodworkers. Oscillating tools have been catching on, switching from roles as quickly as you can change accessories.

MultiMaster is FEIN Power Tools’ entry in this category. It can function as a rasper, circular saw, sander and oscillating saw –among other functions – in both its corded and cordless versions. FEIN says the high-torque motor in its cordless version performs the same as its corded version, the model FM250Q. Both versions feature electronic controls.

FEIN says the eight-point QuickIn tool mount on its MultiMaster provides superior torque transfer to accessories, and takes six seconds to change accessories, without tools – meaning you won’t lose the chuck key.

Slice Into Woodwork with Adaptable Oscillating Power ToolThe corded came out in an economically priced starter package, in a nylon bag instead of FEIN’s traditional hard plastic case, and a set of basic accessories rather than the usual complete set.

It does have an E-cut universal saw blade for metal and wood, a rigid scraper blade, and a sanding attachment with four sanding pads. This MultiMaster corded with Softgrip handle is priced around $199.

The MultiMaster Cordless is powered by 8 lithium-ion cells, with a capacity indicator for monitoring of individual cells.

FEIN launched a series of cordless portable tools last year, taking advantage of the latest in brushless motors, including four, 2-speed, 1/2˝ cordless hammer drills it says can drill masonry, yet are supple enough to make high-quality holes in metal and wood. All the batteries in the cordless line can go from depleted to fully charged in 30 minutes.

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