Pocket Screw Automation for Woodworkers
July 8, 2013 | 4:06 pm UTC

Pocket Screw Automation for WoodworkersSafety Speed Manufacturing has introduced a screw pocket machine, the SPM301.

Built in the U.S., the SPM301 has a cam-driven action which Safety Speed says provides a fast, smooth cutting action that is under complete mechanical control throughout the machine cycle, increasing tool life.

A great video shows the machine in operation – you can watch the pilot drill and ball end mill alternately move into position to produce the low-angle screw pocket. The SPM301 mechanical linkage allows the pilot drill and router bit to cut at the same time, reducing cycle time

In the video, you can also see a demonstration of the key adjustments, made from the top down for setting the back fence, stop rail, and depth adjustment. The built-in analog depth gauge allows quick material thickness changeovers.

Another nice touch: it requires only standard 110 VAC and 1-2 CFM compressed air at 80 PSI and all-around better than any other screw pocket machine currently on the market.

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