It may not come up in your shop, but turning precise spherical objects, concave pieces, or embellishments on a lathe can take hours of practice and dozens of blanks to perfect. So Carter Products created the aptly named Perfect Sphere lathe tool to reduce the trial and error method.

It works by providing the appropriate tool riser stud, which fits machines with center heights from 10´´ to 25´´ and will produce pieces from 1´´ to 14´´ in diameter.

Carter Products says perfect Sphere will mount on the bed of almost any lathe, and can be quickly installed, adjusted and removed.

The Perfect Sphere is engineered and manufactured in the U.S. Its robust design is perfect for cutting spheres and bowls to your specific dimensions. The precision-threaded cutter control knob assures smooth tool movement while a dual-bearing transport assures easy movement of the cutter head and helps eliminate vibration while working even the densest material. The cutter head can be readily adjusted so Perfect Sphere can cut any blank from any direction.

Carter ships its Perfect Sphere with a #4 Hunter carbide cutter.

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