Ligna, the May 2013 wood machinery show in Germany, saw two new panel saws – from Putsch (covered previously) and Streibig – that use clamping systems to lift and trim the bottom, so no more manual rotation.

The Striebig 4D performs horizontal and vertical workpiece movement automatically, allowing one-person operation. A PAV panel lowering device allows for the bottom cut. PAV clamps are coated to avoid damage to sensitive panel surfaces. Clamps on each lowering device can hold weights up to 130 kg, or 230 lbs.

The PPS programmable panel feeder – managed through a 12” touch-screen control – handles cutting sequence and optimizes panel yield. It also manages sawing, profile cutting and grooving tools. PPS also oversees horizontal movement of the panel. The 4D can also achieve a cutting depth of up to 5” (130 mm).

Colonial Saw already sells Striebig’s 4SB for Streibig’s Evolution and Control vertical panel saws. It uses a pneumatic lifter for edge trimming on all four sides, without turning.

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