Laser Engraver Powers Up Wood Cutting
December 27, 2013 | 8:36 am CST

Laser Engraver Powers Up Wood CuttingLaser engraving has come a long way since it was first introduced to the woodworking market. Cutting wood in fine filigrees or embossing, lasers also can mimic inlays and marquetry, and are used to personalize wood products and for cutting electronics cases.

Epilog Laser has increased the scale of its CO2 laser machines with the Fusion 40. With a 40x28˝ engraving table, and up to 120 Watt power, it maintains a similar footprint to its 32x20˝ predecessor.

“We decided to create a bigger system,” says Epilog Laser VP Mike Dean. “Operators are getting more room for engraving and cutting without taking up any extra space.”

The Fusion 40 includes the same features as its predecessor, the Fusion 32, including a redesigned motion control system that allows for higher speed engraving. Other features of the Fusion 40 include:

• Intuitive joystick control moves the table and fires the laser.

• Software includes estimator.

• Fast, industrial DC servo motors.

• Drop-down front door for easy-access and convenient part loading.

• Air Assist removes combustible gasses, directing compressed air across the cutting surface.

Cabinets and Closets Expo, Design Portfolio Awards

The Fusion is also used to engrave the annual Custom Woodworking Business Design Portfolio award plaques each year.

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