You may not have given much thought to your utility knife. But Irwin’s FK250 Folding Utility Knife warrants attention. It’s got the heft and feel of a real tool.

It folds down to protect the blade; folds out for use. At the 45º angle you can remove the blade. In fact, that’s a major feature as well.

One of the most frequently cited user frustrations is when blades inadvertently pull out of the knife’s handle during use. Irwin engineered BladeLock Technology to keep the utility blade locked firmly in the handle of the knife; part of the approach is that you can only change blades when the release button is engaged, and the blade holder is in the 45° open position, exclusive to the FK250.

It’s also a bit of a Swiss Army Knife, what with its fold-out screw driver, additional bit storage for 1” insert bits for quick repairs, and #2 Phillips and #2 Square insert bits included. (It also has a built-in wire stripper.) The knife comes with three blades, and holds up to two additional blades. It also includes a liner lock for one-handed operation.

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