Integral for moulding and rough mill operations, today’s cutterheads offer low noise and increased accuracy for a variety of applications. What follows are available products from some of the cutting tool suppliers in the marketplace. For a more extensive list, visit the Cutting & Grinding section at or check out the Cutting Tools Specification Chart, also on the site.

Michael Weinig Inc. says the patented Weinig PowerLock System incorporates the spindle into the cutterhead, offering short set-up times and simple operation. The compact tools can be changed in seconds, and cutterhead speeds up to 12,000 rpm, with PowerLock, make it possible to double the feed rates in comparison to conventional machines, Weinig says. (704) 799-0100,

Leitz Tooling offers the low-noise WhisperCut pre-mill cutterhead. Designed for light- and medium-duty edgebanders, Leitz says the combination of the low profile and unique dust flow control gullets reduce cutter noise and efficiently capture more than 95% of dust. The aluminum bodies are machine/bearing friendly and improve finish quality by “soft dipping” into panels. Also featured are diamond-tipped inserts. (800) 253-6070,

Royce//Ayr offers insert and PCD cutters with integrated tool holders. The tools offer reduced runout and vibration, which increases the life and finish of cut, Royce//Ayr says. The insert and PCD cutters with integrated tool holders are available for most tool holder configurations. (800) 959-5641,

Leuco says with the new p-System, it is possible to achieve superior edge finish in solid wood without sanding. It also offers a superior edge finish in laminated materials without tear out at cutting exit, and a superior edge finish resin boards and other non-wood materials, the company says, plus increased tool life and performance. (800) 631-0096,

NAP Gladu says the “Next G Series is capable of automatically positioning diamond and/or carbide profiled inserts while keeping accurate, constant axial and radial diameter. It is an accurate self-positioning system that offers constant diameter and profile positioning, a rear clamping system with single screw fastening, diamond or carbide inserts in the same tool body and the ability to change profiles as needed. (800) 457-7468,

Charles GG Schmidt offers custom tooling for woodworking shops, including CNC routers, moulders, tenoners and shapers in brazed and insert styles. The company says it has multi-axis CNC milling machines and grinders in its shop, and items can be tailored to a customer’s specific requirements. (800) 724-6438,

Freeborn says it can duplicate LRH profiles, brazed and insert, or find the nearest comparable Freeborn cutter. Its catalog of stock profiles is ready for immediate shipping and can be mounted and balanced on any tool holder. Custom cutters are also available and ship in 7-10 working days. Call for a free catalog. (800) 523-8988,

Vortex Tool Co. offers tooling options featuring its “integrated tool” design that combines the tool body and tool holder into one unit. Larger profiles are safer to run, and tool performance is enhanced because these units are stronger as the traditional shank to collet connection is eliminated, according to the company. The design also allows the work envelope to be closer to the end of the spindle, improving stability, reducing deflection and creating more Z axis height, Vortex adds. (800) 355-7708,

Riverside Tool has added a new, proprietary grade of diamond material that can be used when shaping or cutting hardwoods. This new grade will greatly reduce chipping, increasing the durability and run-life of the tool, the company says. This will also help reduce the service costs and downtime for service, Riverside Tool adds. (800) 430-8498,

Southeast Tool Inc. offers a variety of products including corrugated back moulder heads in five styles: 4-in. diameter x 1.25-in. bore x 2 knife; 4-in. diameter x 1.25-in. bore x 4 knife; 5-in. diameter x 1.5-in. bore x 4 knife; 150mm diameter x 1.8125-in. bore x 4 knife; and 150mm diameter x 1.8125-in. bore x 6 knife. The company says users can choose either a 12-degree or 20-degree hook. (828) 324-2019,

Available from H3D, the MultiMolder line of CNC router tooling is designed as a sister tool to the company’s popular MultiTasker line of shaper tooling. The MultiMolder tool enables a CNC router to create large mouldings even with curved shapes, H3D says. The company recently acquired Carolina Specialty Tools. (888) 544-3726,

Saber Diamond manufactures a wide variety of diamond cutting tools for the woodworking industry. The company says it has computerized tracking of each tool order and can offer custom tooling, as well as off-the-shelf standards. (888) 240-4324,

FS Tool Corp. offers carbide, stellite or HSS tipped brazed cutters and cutter combinations. The company says the cutters are made from high-grade tungsten and are dynamically balanced with oversized tips for more regrinds. Custom shapes and sizes also are available. (800) 387-9723,

Available from GUHDO, the Spiral Insert Planer Cutterhead - Series 4043 is designed for planing solid material on a copy shaper, planer or moulder. GUHDO says the tool produces a line-free finish and the helical design provides an aggressive cutting action and fast chip removal. The cutter body is made from light metal alloy. (800) 544-8436,

Great Lakes Custom Tool Mfg. offers carbide-tipped and diamond-tipped tooling for moulding and planing operations. Among the items offered is a two-wing Helicarb moulder cutter featuring two insert plug cutters for cutting a radius. The company also offers spiral tooling, Great-Loc and Helicarb tooling. (800) 873-4528,

Freud says its Premier Adjustable Rail & Stile system allows users to create extended tenons for extra door joint strength and to adjust the groove width for panel thicknesses (7/32 in. to 3/8 in.). It can be used with a variety of material thicknesses (5/8 in. to 1-1/4 in.). Optional cutters can be added to bits to create glass panel doors and double-sided profile doors.(800) 334-4107,

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