HANNOVER, GERMANY -- The cutting of packaging straps is a routine task for the receiving department. Experience shows us that there is a high risk with this activity. Attention slackens off and time pressure also plays a role. The D123S helps to make the work easier and safer.

Fatigue with routine tasks and poor tools are often the cause of accidents in the workplace. The cutting of steel straps requires a special tool. Without a special tool, the ends of the tensioned strap tend to shoot upwards after being cut, unguarded – a high injury risk for the worker.

Safely cut through

The ERDI safety strap cutter D123S provides a real advantage for workplace safety: The cutter head is flat formed and can be easily slid under highly tensioned straps. During the cutting process a retainer made from polymer material prevents the strap from springing up dangerously.

Single-handed operation

With the ERDI D123S, BESSEY offers a unique single-handed steel strap cutter to the market, which can even cut hardened steel straps 32 mm wide and 1 mm thick. This means that over half of all commonly-used packaging straps can be cut, for example, steel strapping on wooden crates.The D123S's sophisticated technology makes it possible: On the one hand with an overall length of just 260 mm they are very light and easy to handle. Despite its compact size, the required effort is quite low thanks to the double compound leverage – which also increase the cutting force significantly. The soft material insert and plastic coating ensure that the ergonomically designed handle fits perfectly in the hand and, the anti-slide device provides yet more safety when cutting.

Safety at a fair price

The safety strap cutter D123S from BESSEY is unique and cannot really be compared with competitors' products. Like all ERDI products it is known for high performance and a long service life. BESSEY significantly undercuts the regular price level of strap cutters for thick straps and provides a clear safety benefit with the ERDI safety strap cutter.

Source: Bessey Tools

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