Several tool prototypes -  including this strip-screw driver and a portable contour edgebander - were put through their paces for hundreds of woodworkers and builders at Festool Connect 2014 March 20. The annual event takes place before JLC Live in Providence, RI.

The strip screw driver, designed for repetitive screw driving - like attaching panel or wall board - has a strip of screws, a bit like an ammo strip, that is fed through a nozzle on the driver.

The driver is activated in a novel way for Festool - by plunging the head into the board being screwed - so no repetitive trigger pulls. These approaches are seen on larger versions of drivers for attaching flooring. Senco, among other tool makers, has long had lines of tools around this model and sells the compatible screw strips and cassettes.

A portable contour edgebander shown was interesting, too. This type of portable hot-melt edgebander, also is commonly available from a number of woodworking tool makers, but is the one shown at Connect 2014 is new for Festool. It weighs 37 pounds. Hot melt pucks are fed into the glue pot on top.

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