Senco's Crown Stapler Gets Fast Results
December 27, 2013 | 11:10 am CST

Senco's Crown Stapler Gets Fast ResultsCrown staplers are utility players. They can be used to fasten countertop blanks, detail work where the project will be covered, and prefab work to produce a higher-quality, lighter, and easier-to-build and -install products. They also nail together plywood and small blocks that would otherwise go to waste.

Senco’s latest crown stapler model, the SLS150Mg, is air-powered and lightweight. It features a magnesium body and weighs in at 2.6 lbs. With no recovery between staples, it is a good fit for high-volume shots in applications such as cabinets, furniture, casegoods, door or windows and millwork.

The SLS150Mg accepts ½Ë to 1-9/16˝ 18-gauge, ¼Ë crown staples, so it can be used on both internal and external trim, furniture, and for cabinetry or other finished applications. (In FAQs Senco explains how to staple Knape & Vogt shelf standards with staples.)

Air-powered tools exhaust air with each shot, but the SLS150Mg’s oil-free motor, and a 360° adjustable exhaust port help keep dust, debris and oil off the work surface and away from the user. A swivel air inlet reduces tangled hoses and a rotatable belt hook lets you keep the tool at your side when not in use, keeping projects free from accidental dings.

A switch lets you do bump fire actuation for quick stapling, if precise hits aren’t required. Flipping a switch transitions to sequential fire. (In sequential firing, it staples once with each trigger pull; in bump firing, the trigger is held in and the gun nose (it has a no-mar tip) is bumped on the target staple point.

A nose-mounted light helps with staple placement. A reload indicator eliminates firing when staples run out; a thumbwheel adjusts the drive depth for wood hardness or varying density, for holding power based on the application.

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