Machinery as centerfolds isn't the theme of Laguna Tools newest catalog, but it sure shows equipment in a glamorous light. Released at the 2013 AWFS Fair in July, it is a print version of what people saw at Laguna's booth, plus much more.

The booth, by the way, featured sawdust flying and blades whirring, to allow visitors "to experience our equipment actually working, not just sitting around like shiny new cars in a showroom," says Catherine Helshoj, Vice President of Laguna Tools. "We're all woodworking enthusiasts ourselves, and we love showing off how our equipment can reduce overhead and increase productivity." A 14|12 Bandsaw, 4-axes CNC machine, two Smartshop CNC models, the CNC IQ HHC and the new Austrian-made Laguna CNC Smartshop | MT were all running.

Also on display, and featured in the catalog, was the Fusion Saw from Laguna Tools--visually striking with its dark body and distinctive graphics. Benjamin Helshoj, Wholesale Division Manager, says beyond the cosmetic makeover, "We listened to our customers and developed a tablesaw that really does bridge the gap between a contractor saw and a cabinet saw." Improvements include moving the switch up onto the fence rail to improve ergonomics. All handles are now polished steel. 

"We even moved the direction of the built-in wheel system 90 degrees to avoid movement," he said. "Plus, we added a hose within the saw to dramatically reduce dust collection." Helshoj says the Fusion Saw is now equipped with riving knife, blade guard and quick release system.

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