Drilling: Smart Screw Depth Setting
August 13, 2013 | 4:24 pm UTC

Drilling: Smart Screw Depth SettingThe effort to set screw depths to avoid over- or under-drilling has given rise to numerous approaches – from wrapping the drill bit in masking tape to a wide variety of gadgets and devices.

So we shouldn’t have been surprised, when we posted this screw depth setting tool description online, that we got a lot of response and page views. Even though it is intended for decking, woodworkers were quick to see applications in other areas as well.

This Smart-Bit Deck Screw Depth Setter was developed by Starborn Industries, a manufacturer and distributor of fastening products. How does it work?

The Smart-Bit Depth Setter features an auto-stop mechanism that automatically disengages the driver bit and stops the screw from driving further once the desired depth is reached. And it manages to do this without stripping the screw recess.

The tool also features a free spinning stop collar and rubber O-ring to protect the work surface from damage and marking. Further, the Smart-Bit Depth Setter can be adjusted for use with many different screw types and applications. Once the screw depth is set on the tool and locked in place, the Smart-Bit Depth Setter produces consistent results throughout an installation.

Starborn says that this new, adjustable tool will work equally well with its own brand of fasteners or with brands of fastening products, and is ideal for ensuring screws are set to the desired depth below the work surface in applications such as decking, drywall and general building.

The Smart-Bit Depth Setter works with both Phillips and Torx bits. Each Smart-Bit comes complete with one T-20 bit in the tool, as well as four additional replacement bits: two T-20 bits, one T-25 and one #2 PH. starbornindustries.com

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