MT. PROSPECT, IL - Bosch Tools has launched Power Ready, an 18 Volt wireless inductive battery charging system that works on most of its cordless tools - including rotary saws, drills, drivers and cutters. Batteries can charge without being plugged in or removed from the tool. 

Bosch Wireless Cordless Tool Charger Uses Inductive TechnologyThe Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System is able to recharge power tools in a moving vehicle or between jobs or tasks. 

"This is a game-changer; [it] eliminates the need for a bin of batteries with a partial charge," said Hagen Dost, Bosch product manager, in announcing the technology. "Now pros can easily charge their hand-held power tools in between tasks or jobs and not worry about dead batteries."  

How It Works
Bosch says its power tool charger advancement is based on the concept of contactless energy transfer, also known as "inductive charging," used in newer generation cellphone countertop chargers.

Bosch Wireless Cordless Tool Charger Uses Inductive TechnologyWhen the charger is plugged in and the compatible battery is placed on it, the charger begins wirelessly transmitting an alternating magnetic field. The battery, featuring an internal copper coil, acts as a receiver. As the alternating magnetic field penetrates the coil, voltage is induced and a charging current flows to the cells until full. Similar to conventional charging, the battery and charger are in constant communication during the charge process to ensure proper charge and a long battery life.

Each charger also features Foreign Object Detection (FOD), which can tell if any other object besides the compatible battery is on the charging pad - keeping the charger will not turn on until the object is removed. This prevents conductive materials, such as bolts, washers, nails or metal shavings that might inadvertently fall on the pad from heating up.

"Wireless charging opens a whole new world of convenience," said Dost. The wireless-style batteries are compatible with the complete Bosch 18V power tool line. Because they simplify the charging process, Bosch says they will improve efficiency of tool users.

The inductive chargers eliminate the need for finding a multitude of outlets in a shop or on a job site, or at the next stop. They can also eliminate using in-vehicle chargers, or hunting around for outlets on various floors at a construction site.

Bosch Wireless Cordless Tool Charger Uses Inductive TechnologyTool users often lose track of where they left their tools or spare batteries, and cluttered charging stations ca take up space on production lines, with batteries all over.

In a production setting, every time an assembly line or manufacturing professional has to leaves a station for a spare battery, productivity suffers, Bosch notes, with companies investing in buckets of backup batteries and charging stations to be sure they don't run out of power. Using the wireless inductive charging system, when working in between tasks, users set the entire drill/driver - with battery in place on the tool - right on top of the charger pad to top it off. 

Bosch lists the various accessories in its wireless power tool charger line-up. 

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