A 10-inch miter saw can seem a bit excessive when you only need it to cut a few pieces of moulding. Which is why the Bosch CM8S 8˝ single bevel sliding compound miter saw makes sense for certain jobs.

At 37 pounds, it weighs in at almost a third less than the average 10-inch miter saw. It’s also designed to be carried with one hand – allowing you to carry both the saw and the one piece of trim you need to cut.

Though it seems pint-sized, it still makes 12¼˝cross-cuts at 0 degrees and 8˝ miter cuts at 45 degrees. It also extends up to 29 inches for additional support and stability.

Bosch says the CM8S was developed for remodelers, flooring contractors, and woodworkers in need of a portable solution for on-site jobs. In addition to portability, its design includes a bevel lock lever, turret stops for quick adjustments, and a large, easy-to-read miter scale.

It also features a soft grip on the main handle, which woodworkers always appreciate.


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