Why Is Tool Balancing So Important?

Balancing standards have increased dramatically in recent years due to the emergence of high performance machines utilizing higher RPMs and feed rates. Modern machinery is engineered to produce faster without sacrificing finish quality. However, machine performance is not possible without properly balanced tools.

All advanced tool manufactures have capabilities to balance new and used tools to a G-2.5 standard or better. Balancing standards will be indicated on the tool body or on a report enclosed, but do not assume the tool will always remain balanced.

Tools can become unbalanced due to tool factors such as, improper servicing, machine crashes, damage from grinding wheels, and excessive tool wear.

Short term indicators such as, machine vibration, increased noise levels and inconsistent cut quality can be noticed easily. Premature spindle replacement is the most common Long Term indicator, which can be avoided if a regular balancing program is implemented.

The key is to be aware of the problem and find a reputable manufacturer that can guarantee balancing accuracy.

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