The following are some of the bits and cutting tool products available for wood and panel products manufacturing. Additional tooling products can be found in the Product Directory at Also visit for an extensive listing of cutting tool manufacturers and exclusive distributors.

GUHDO USA recently introduced two 1/2-in. diamond router bit designs for CNC nesting applications, which allow feed rates of up to 90 fpm. The 2-flute diamond router bit and 3-flute diamond bit can be sharpened numerous times, says the company, offering increased tool life while reducing tooling costs. Guhdo also offers traditional diamond bits, as well as other types of tooling. (800) 544-8436,

Vortex says its XP “Extreme Performance” series of routing tools gives precise cutting performance and lasts longer than current compression spirals. In developing the XP, Vortex says it conducted extensive testing, including CNC routing of more than 40,000 lineal feet of material. Vortex carries XP-series inventory of its most popular tool sizes and designates the bits with an XP after the standard part number. (800) 355-7708,

Leitz Tooling Systems says its Diamaster Pro3 and Diamaster Plus3 diamond router bits offer the combined benefits of the speed and small diameter benefits of solid carbide routers with the extended service life of diamond tools. Available in small diameters from 12mm to 20mm, Leitz says the 3-flute router bits perform at high feed rates in nesting and panel routing applications. (800) 253-6070,

LMT Onsrud offers the Marathon Downcut Spiral to complement its Marathon Compression offering. Onsrud says the Marathon series is one of the longest-running tools in the industry due to advancements in cutting geometry and the addition of a unique coating, which it says creates a harder and tougher cutting edge and also prolongs cutting life. (847) 362-1560,

Saber Diamond Tools manufactures a wide variety of diamond tooling including bits and cutterheads for the cabinet, flooring and RTA industries. The company says it has computerized tracking of each tool order and can offer customers custom tooling, as well as off-the-shelf standards. (888) 240-4324,

Royce//Ayr produces insert router bit sets to machine MDF doors. The company says it has designed several inserts to fit the same tool, giving woodworkers the flexibility to mix and match the inside and outside door profiles. Repeatability also is guaranteed because the replaceable knives are always profiled the same, Royce//Ayr adds. (800) 959-5641,

Leuco Tool Corp. says with the new p-System it is possible to achieve a high-quality edge finish in solid wood without sanding. It also offers a quality edge finish in laminated materials without tearout at the cutting exit, as well as on resin boards and other non-wood materials, the company says. Increased tool life and performance are also benefits, Leuco adds. (800) 631-0096,

Southeast Tool offers a solid carbide 3+3 compression spiral for CNC router use. The company says the 3+3 tool can run extremely high feed rates in excess of 1,200 ipm, while its standard 1+1 and 2+2 are available for slower feed rates. The 3+3 tool is available in 3/8-in. and 1/2-in. sizes. (828) 324-2019,

Freeborn Tool offers custom router bits as well as custom and standard brazed shaper cutters, insert cutters, spiral inserts and tool holders for CNC tooling. Among the new offerings are a cope & pattern set, detail cutters and a bit for cutting 5/8-in. raised panel doors. (800) 523-8988,

Charles G.G. Schmidt offers mortising chisels and bits with its product line. The company says the tools cut clean, square mortises in both hard and soft woods using less horsepower due to the extremely sharp cutting edges. The mortising chisels and bits are available in seven standard sizes and two rectangular sizes. (800) 724-6438,

H3D Tool says it provides diamond, solid carbide and carbide-tipped tooling for most CNC operations. The type of tooling includes: bits, shaper, moulder, tenoner, edgebander, V-groover, blades, spiral surfacing heads, rosette, hogger and panel door. (888) 544-3726,

Misenheimer offers carbide bits in standard and custom configurations, featuring tight tolerances. The company says it has a broad product offering, with large stocking quantities and quick turnaround available. (888) 587-0060,

Centurion Tools’ Downshear Router Bit is designed to push down on the material being cut, which helps to keep the part from being pulled away from the table surface, the company says. Available in a standard plunge end or FEM, the bit is available in a range of sizes and is made in the USA from American-made materials. (540) 967-5402,

Amana Tool offers new high mirror-finish two-flute spiral ball nose router bits. Constructed of special grade solid carbide, the bits can be used for solid wood, wood composites, plastics, solid surface and aluminum. Available in diameters as small as 3/16 in., the bits are reportedly ideal for detailed precision work. (800) 445-0077,

Tool Holders & Aggregate Heads

Riverside Tool Corp. now offers the Albrecht Überchuck tool holder to the wood industry. Combining accuracy, rigidity, and ease of use, Riverside says the Überchuck improves every weakness of a standard CNC tool holder while offering an extremely high gripping torque on a ½-in. tool of 200+ nm, more than a heat shrink tool holder, with a tolerance of 0.00012-in. total indicated run-out or better. Due to the rigidity and dampening offered by the Überchuck, tool-life can be increased by 60%, the company says. (800) 430-8498,

FS Tool says the Aerotech Universal offers 97.4% dust extraction, allowing for an increase in production throughput, extended tool life, reduction of operating costs and improvement of the nesting cell’s quality of air – while maintaining production speeds of over 800 ipm. FS adds the tool’s collet design provides ideal concentricity over standard collet designs, allowing for fast tool changes to a variety of shank diameters. (800) 461-5319,

NAP GLADU’s RCN Series collet nut system creates a vacuum in which dust and particulate matter are extracted through the existing dust collection system. The company says the system offers increased tool life and reduced dust on the machined surface, while promoting a healthier, greener work environment. NAP GLADU, along with Techniks, is a new standalone company of Quintec. (800) 634-8665,

Techniks’ ATEMAG Extra Plus Aggregate Head features an oscillating cutting action that reduces the time it takes to cut a mortised lock pocket from 51 seconds to 11 seconds. A 2012 IWF Challengers Award winner, the lock recess aggregate is designed to eliminate door production bottlenecks and improve manufacturing quality. Techniks also manufactures tool holders, collets and accessories for CNC routers. Techniks, along with NAP GLADU, is a new standalone company of Quintec. (800) 597-3921,

Benz offers the Turbo floating aggregate head with integrated chip removal. The adjustment of the floating ring is done by an easy to read scale with an accuracy of 0.01 mm and the floating occurs mechanically via springs to give a ±4mm stroke. The Benz Floater Turbo has an additional feature, the turbo fan which supports the extraction of chips and dust from the work area. (704) 529-5300,

T-Tool USA offers modular starter kits for the ETP-Perske 25mm Hydro Spindle found on the Weeke BHX Series CNC machines. The company says the tool holder is significantly shorter in length for more, and collet sizes are up to 5/8 in. or 16mm. Two starter sets are offered, which include a mounting fixture, toolholders, collets and wrenches. (855) 358-TOOL,

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