KENNESAW, GA  --  What criteria would you use for the ideal shop and job site cart? “The criteria we used were capability, portability, ease of use and maneuverability,” said Jo Gee, product manager for the Panel Express at Saw Trax Mfg. Inc.

“Without increasing the 26” wide foot print of the cart, we increased the carrying capability by 250%. Now the 2012 version of the cart can carry 10 half inch sheets of dry wall or up to a 700 lb. slab of granite. With the optional pivoting shelf, it can carry up to 18 sheets of drywall. The best part is that you can take the load almost anywhere with the large 12+ inch pneumatic tires. It will traverse air hoses and many other job site obstructions that stop other carts in their tracks,” said Gee.

The portability criteria are met easily. Its size at about 26”X21” by 19” high and its weight of just over 50 lbs., allows one man to lift it. It can be transported in the back of an SUV or car trunk. The rugged all steel construction makes it ideal for the abuse of the work site or for rental fleets.The ease of use criteria are what make this cart ideal in the granite, stone and glass industries. The cart uses a patented and padded bracing mechanism to clamp the load onto the cart. When lowering a sheet into the braces, the weight of the sheet forces the braces to close. The heavier the sheet, the better it is clamped. There is nothing to screw in to lock the sheet in place. To remove the sheet, simply pick it up and the spring loaded braces release the sheet.

A brace lock can be used to lock the braces open so more than one sheet can be loaded at a time. (Up to 4 half inch sheets or 3 three-quarter inch sheets can be loaded in the brace lock). A 5 inch ledge on the side of the fixed brace can be used to load additional sheets of material or a pre-hung window. Strap slots are incorporated into the sides of the cart to secure any materials loaded on this ledge.

Optional accessories like a storage box and pivoting shelf are available. The storage box can be used to store straps or tools. The pivoting 9 inch shelf is used to increase the loading capability (up to 18 half inch sheets) or to carry a pre-hung door.

The last criteria of maneuverability is exceptional because the cart is less that half the size of traditional carts. The cart can be spun 360 degrees in place. When going through a door way, the short length and turning capability are critical factors in maneuvering a load.

Add to this maneuverability, the all terrain capability, and you have the ideal job site cart. When you consider the easy storage capability of the small size, you have an ideal shop cart. When you consider the portability and ruggedness, you have the ideal rental cart. When you consider the time savings of the self adjusting brace, you have the ideal granite and glass cart. When you add in the accessories, you have the ideal dry wall cart.

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Source: Saw Trax Mfg., Inc.




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