House Springs, Mo. - Cluttered kitchen counters are a common problem for wine enthusiasts. Many settle for a countertop wine rack or a counter full of wine bottles. Neither option leaves much room for anything else.

Ty Pennington, the quirky host of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition says, “For peace of mind, get rid of clutter.” For wine lovers, the simple solution is in-cabinet wine shelving. This type of wine storage solution keeps bottles out of sight but within reach.

Unfortunately for the budget-conscience homeowner, hiring a contractor to retrofit an existing cabinet isn’t an option. Force-fitting a wooden kit isn’t ideal either.

In-Cabinet Wine Racks Install in Five Minutes Introducing Wine Logic, an innovative new wine storage product. Wine Logic stores 18 bottles on three gliding shelves. The system fits securely into any kitchen or bar cabinet for a custom look--all in five minutes or less.

It doesn't seem possible that a wine rack that holds 18 bottles could be installed into a kitchen cabinet in minutes. However, each unit includes instructions that only require a Phillips-Head screwdriver to do just that. When compared to the time it takes to put together a clunky wine cabinet, it is hard to believe this is the first such product that has been crafted.

How much is reduced stress and a clear kitchen worth? Some contractors charge thousands to install shelves and custom cabinets. Wine Logic smart wine racks come in at under $300 dollars. This makes them a great gift idea for the young professional or parent who does not have a lot of space in their kitchen.

Wine Logic features full extension, ball-bearing slides. This allows each tray to glide smoothly in and out for easy viewing of each label without having to touch a bottle. The horizontal design ensures corks remain moist and swelled. Experts agree this prevents wine from unwanted contact with the air and keeps sediment far enough away from the cork end of the bottle to prevent spoilage. The shelter of being in a cabinet also keeps light from affecting your wine.

Wine Logic in-cabinet wine racks are constructed from high-quality, solid wood, holding 18 standard bottles of wine and occupying only 12" x 15" of cabinet space. Each unit is handcrafted by career woodworkers in the United States. The bottom tray has a sturdy, 75 lb capacity, while the top two trays max out at 100 lbs each. For more information, visit

Source: Wine Logic

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