The term “veneer matching” refers to matching and manipulating the flitches (small slices of raw veneer) within a single sheet of veneer to create a desired visual effect.  While you will often want to match one sheet of veneer to another, that is a different kind of matching for a different discussion.  The following are four different styles of internal veneer matching.

Book Matching. Book matched sheets of veneer are created by flipping alternating flitches, giving every two flitches a mirror image, as in an open book.  This is a popular symmetrical look.

Slip Matching. Veneer flitches are pieced together side by side without flipping, giving a uniform look across the sheet of veneer.  If the grain is straight, the seams will be virtually invisible.

Pleasing Match. Veneer flitches or pieces are matched by color, but not by grain pattern or figure. As the name suggests, this can be a pleasing look.

Random Match. This is exactly what it sounds like.  A sheet of veneer is crafted of a single species with no regard to color, grain or even the width of the flitches. This creates a unique and sometimes rustic look that can be appropriate for certain applications. Most rustic veneers are random matched, but not all random-matched veneers are considered rustic.

A full understanding of the available veneer matches can help the veneer buyer anticipate the final vision of a given project.