Artificial Stone Veneer Transforms Man Cave  BarLOUISVILLE, KY -- With a football champion being crowned soon, many fans are buying new big screen TVs, stocking up on food and beverages, and getting their man cave ready for the “Big Game.”

One of the easiest, most affordable ways to improve the appearance of your man cave? An AirStone application. AirStone is a new, artificial stone veneer that is so easy to install you could have the job done the morning of the game. All you need is a putty knife, hack saw and AirStone's pre-mixed adhesive. That out-of-date bar in your basement can have a new stone-veneer look in hours, not weeks.

Professional Do-It-Yourself blogger Anna Moseley ( recently renovated her fireplace in only four hours.

“AirStone was so easy to apply,” Moseley said. “And the best part about this project was how affordable it was. The entire project cost about 200 dollars.”

AirStone weighs 75 percent less than natural stone and comes in two color options, Autumn Mountain (cream tint) and Spring Creek (grey tint). Each collection offers a variety of tones and includes flat, corner and edge stones to ensure the authentic appearance of natural stone. AirStone’s website offers video tutorials on applying the pre-mixed adhesive and stone veneer.

The product is available in over 1100 Lowe’s Home Improvement stores across the country and will be available nationwide by the end of January.

AirStone is manufactured by Baton, LLC in Louisville, Ky. For more information, visit

Source: Baton, LLC

Source: AirStone

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