Is it slatwall or slotwall to you? Prevalent in residential garage settings and in retail displays, this versatile slotted panel product has found many uses over the years.

One of the leading suppliers for commercial applications is Spacewall International, which, it says, “was there at the beginning, the very beginning, as the originator of slatwall paneling,” it says. That would be 1975, when it was founded. Today, Spacewall, which started in Stone Mountain, GA, manufactures at plants in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Its many different types of slatwall reflect the multitude of display and storage applications for which they are used.

Surface finishes available from Spacewall include low pressure laminates, (LPL) high pressure laminates (HPL) and Plexiglas mirror, as well as numerous wood veneers.

Spacewall International also offers a number of insert options for the slots themselves that complete the panel. Aluminum inserts that slide into the slots strengthen the weight-holding capabilities of the panels. Spacewall calls them its Omniwall insert, and these typically have a standard mill finish. But the inserts can add to the effect, and so Spacewall also stocks a black anodized or powder coated finish, and a gold anodized finish. “When quantities are sufficient,we can offer custom powder coated finishes,” the company adds.

New Product Lines
Metal laminates have become very popular in recent years, says Spacewall International, as have two products it originated: Brickwall Slatwall and the OSB (oriented strand board). A trip through any mall will reveal the extent to which these products have penetrated the retail interiors market.

“Our Handcrafted Chemetal Slatwall is the strongest slatwall in the industry,” says Spacewall. And no wonder: This high pressure laminate comes with T-aluminum inserts installed to strengthen the board; the laminate is 100% aluminum, which makes the slatwall 100% recyclable as well.

Another line that is familiar, and which Spacewall says it originated, is Brickwall Slatwall. The .-inch material is very bricklike and warm. Black anodized T-aluminum inserts fit into the groove spacing, and these inserts help signify the mortar lines in the brick.

Spacewall also takes credit for popularizing use of the raw OSB for retail fixtures. “This is a great look with western wear, work wear and blue jeans,” the company says.

With clients for whom environmental concerns are a prominent interest, Spacewall says it also has several other green offerings, and can develop materials using them – including unfinished, CARB-compliant MDF panels that can be used as a blank wall.

Spacewall also offers numerous spacing options, different panel sizes, and custom laminating, cut to size. “We will spend the time necessary to guide you through the important aspects of ordering our slatwall panels to ensure you are getting the right product for your unique application,” the company says.

Spacewall also offers prefabricated store fixtures built from its slatwall lines. In standard maple or white melamine slatwall, the 4-way and 2-way units, cubes, and an H-shaped unit are shipped factory direct within a week of order. Other shapes include pinwheels, gondolas or towers made of slatwall paneling.

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