Phoenix - Local company, Shelves that Slide, announces products to enhance a homeowner’s kitchen with organization, usability and style with sliding shelves and baskets.

Kitchen cabinets are visible to everyone. Shelves that Slide has created a stylish, innovative option for home owners with pull out rattan baskets. Sliding baskets take the place of a traditional cabinet door and enable homeowners to store twice the amount of items. Two baskets are able to fit easily into a traditional cabinet space and the birch baskets provide a unique, European touch to the room.

Many homeowners keep cleaning supplies and other household items under the kitchen sink. For this reason, Shelves that Slide has developed a specific sliding drawer to hold taller items such as cleaning bottles. The sides are slanted, with the higher end the in the back to stop items from tipping and the lower end in the front for easy access.

Bread boxes keep baked goods fresh and Shelves that Slide has developed a premium quality sliding breadbox that fits perfectly in most home pantries and maximized kitchen space and storage. The drawer slides out for easy access and the top slides open and close for sealed freshness.

“Families tend to spend a majority of their time in the kitchen,” said Steve Edling, founder of Shelves that Slide. “Meals are cooked and eaten in the kitchen area, often children will do their homework on the kitchen table. Meaning it is important that home owners are able to easily navigate the area. Our products optimize the space of kitchens and other rooms throughout a home.”

Each product can be used throughout a home and are not limited to the kitchen area. Shelves that Slide products are able to organize almost any part of a house and allow for easier access and usage of the contents.

Source: Shelves that Slide

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