Real wood veneer sheets  from Outwater Plastics Industries Inc. may sound like a mis-match. But along with its Architectural Products by Outwater LLC business, the company manufactures and distributes more than 65,000 component products for woodworking businesses – including veneers. Outwater has 300,000-square-foot warehousing and distribution facilities in both New Jersey and Arizona. A free benchmark master catalog includes photos or drawings, schematics, technical information and pricing.

The introduction of its Real Wood Veneer Sheets and Real Wood Veneer Edging complements Outwater’s mind-boggling selection of available trims and surfacing products.

The Real Wood Veneer Sheets consist of book matched, sanded and tenderized 1/42-in. thick genuine wood veneers. The veneers are permanently bonded under heat and pressure to a paper backing, affixing the veneer to the surface to which it has been adhered, and serving as a two-sided barrier. This prevents adhesives from permeating the veneer’s surface, and also thwarts surface finishing materials from affecting the adhesive’s bonding agent on the veneer sheets in a stack.

Real Wood Veneer Sheets are available in nearly 30 different wood species (e.g., cherry, hickory, maple, red oak, walnut, ash, birch, african mahogany, pecan, sapeli, zebrawood, etc.) in several types of veneer cuts, each imparting various visual effects and characteristics based on the species. Outwater’s Real Wood Veneer Sheets are offered both with and without peel and stick adhesive backing in 2-ft. x 8-ft. and 4-ft. x 8-ft. sheets.

Outwater also offers Real Wood Veneer Edging, in eight species, including cherry, Honduras mahogany, maple, oak, ash and birch. Outwater’s Real Wood Veneer Edging is manufactured in both finger-jointed and butt-jointed 250-ft., 500-ft. and 1,000-ft. fine sanded, stainable continuous rolls, and is produced in 7/8-in. fleece backed, 13/16-in. pre-glued and 1/2-in. to 1-1/2-in. peel and stick adhesive-backed varieties in an assortment of wood species.

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