JB Cutting is happy to announce that our latest 3DL (3-dimensional laminates brochure edition has arrived! As many of you know, we have recently added new profiles and colors to our stock line in order to give customers even more options; we updated the brochure to reflect these additions. You will notice a lot of changes including a slightly different layout and new photos. Some of the most noticeable changes are:

• More detailed instructions and information on ordering doors, drawers and accessories (such as moldings, flutes, valances, etc.) through the inclusion of our Ordering Guide
• The addition of the N504, N701, N702, N705 and N110 profiles to our Benchmark Series of profiles
• New triple beaded shakers and all of our shaker inside profiles are available with a French Miter look
• Information on the new line of Five Piece Doors — JB Cutting’s Craftsman Series
• How to order thermofoil countertops to fit your needs Updates to our
• Glazing options — we have discontinued the Detail and Rustic styles and added a new style, Brushed, to give your thermofoil doors even more ways to pop!

About JB Cutting
JB Cutting had become a nationally preferred thermofoil door manufacturer in the custom closet and kitchen and bath industries. In 2008, under the sole leadership of Debbie and BJ, the company invested heavily in the three dimensional laminate side of the business. With the introduction of a Wemhöner membrane press, JB Cutting’s capabilities grew tremendously. Today, the company is expanding its operations and reaching new markets in commercial and institutional interiors.