Elias Woodwork Selling Cabinotch RTA Face Frame Cabinets
November 5, 2013 | 10:52 pm CST
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WINKLER, MB - Elias Woodwork says it is now selling face frame cabinet boxes made using the Cabinotch Custom Cabinet Box System. The popular wood components wholesaler adds the offering to its doors, drawers, veneers and other wood component as woodshops increasingly outsource project elements that can be made more efficiently externally.

Elias Woodwork is positioning its Cabinotch offering to accompany refacing orders from clients who also need add-on cabinetry, as well as remodeling in kitchen and bath. The Cabinotch system allows cabinet sizing orders to be specified in very fine increments in width, height, and depth - 1/1000 inch - allowing tailored sizing for fill-in cabinets or to replace custom-built cabinet spaces. 

using interlocking joints, the ready-to-assemble face frame cabinets made with solid plywood were first introduced to the general wood industry in 2011, and earned recognition in the WOOD 100 and at the IWF Challenger Awards in 2012.

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Elias details benefits of its Cabinotch offering: • Customizable sizes to 1/1000 of an inch in width, height, & depth • Requires no clamps or fasteners and no need to wait for the glue to dry • 5 minutes to assemble a standard base cabinet and it’s ready to install • Wood on wood locking joint for a solid high quality construction and assembly• ½” sides, backs, bottoms, & tops • ¾” Shelves • Durable UV finished interiors • Fully finished face frames, Toe kicks, & end panels to match door styles • Available in many species • Custom cabinets at stock prices • Manufactured in North America 

Cabinets are shipped flat packed ready to assemble. Elias also offers design services and provides 3D renderings.

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