Barn door hardware maker Krown Lab, Portland, OR, says it has re-imagined sliding barn door hardware. Its hardware is hand crafted to highly styled, minimalist design. Three models are offered: Baldur, Oden, and Rob Roy, with sealed or exposed bearings, depending on model.

It's newest material option is a fusion of bamboo veneer laminated on precision-machined, stainless steel Baldur and Oden trolleys. The standard stainless steel track was replaced with one made of 100% organic materials. A green-engineered, FSC-certified wood fiber core is laminated on both sides with bamboo veneer, and can hold  150 lbs.

For a modern sliding barn door hardware with a natural, woody feel — Bamboo has a warm caramel tone, and fits modern and minimalist to rustic and down-to-earth styles.

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