NEW YORK - Multi-platform artist Paul McCarthy has taken over the New York Hauser & Wirth art gallery through June 1 with a series of wooden sculptures inspired by every iteration of the Snow White story, including Disney’s beloved “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

Standing at around 14 feet tall and made using black walnut, the sculptures proved difficult for the artist as the wood would develop random dark spots. He eventually incorporated these spots into his pieces instead of starting over.

McCarthy studied figurines and other memorabilia based on the popiular tale and warped them through his own subversive lens. For example, his giant severed head piece called White Snow, Cindy is meant to call into question Snow White’s innocence by sculpting her after supermodel Cindy Crawford.

The artists also had his own Snow White works to reference. He first dipped into the Snow White pool in 2009 when he displayed hand drawn images inspired by the story. Two years later, he opened his The Dwarfs, The Forest display which featured statues made out of bronze, clay, plaster and wood.

Besides those influences, McCarthy additionally sought inspiration from auction catalogues, illustrated books, tabloids and pornographic magazines in an attempt to create an offbeat contrast to Disney’s spin on the tale.

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