Reclaimed Wood Headphones Offer Sonic and Charitable Appeal
June 24, 2013 | 8:27 pm UTC

Reclaimed Wood Headphones Offer Sonic and Charitable Appeal   The desire to give back to the world and to her fellow human beings is what prompted founder Bridget Hilton to start the unique LSTN Headphones (pronounced Listen) as a music-related social enterprise.

“I'm extremely into music, nature and charity, and this was a great way to combine those three passions,” says Hilton.

Launched in April 2013, LSTN says its headphones not only provide great quality sound to music lovers, but also bring the gift of hearing to the hearing impaired through its collaboration with Starkey Hearing Foundation's “Giving Back, Amplified” program. Each sale made by LSTN Headphones supports Starkey Hearing Foundation’s cause of helping people worldwide that are hearing impaired by providing hearing aids.

“Our ‘Giving Back, Amplified’ program wasn’t an afterthought or marketing gimmick, it was the reason we started LSTN,” says co-founder Joe Huff. “We didn’t just want to create beautifully designed products with incredible audio, we wanted to create something that could change the world.”

The Wood Matters
In addition to being philanthropic, LSTN Headphones also have incredible audio quality, attributed to the sleek wooden exterior of the headphones. LSTN says the unique wooden chambers contribute to the warm and natural sound of its headphones.

LSTN uses only reclaimed wood from scraps discarded by furniture and flooring companies left over from their manufacturing process. Types of wood used for the headphones include ebony, the dense, hardwood prized for piano keys, clarinets and oboes; furniture-grade cherry; and beech, used in flooring, mkillwork, and drums.

The headphones feature a 3.5mm gold-plated plug, which is the standard for most devices, and are plug and play, requiring no batteries. Right now, the headphones are available online at the company’s website,, and at retail stores. LSTN also ships worldwide. 

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