A game of chess anyone? No, how about Scrabble? With a flip of the wooden cube the choice is yours. This creative mahogany game table, designed and created by Warren Snow, Snow Woodworks, Marshall, VA, features several entertainment options, while also functioning as an end table.

“The Susi Qube Game Table is an original design inspired by an idea from my wife,” Snow says. He made a sketch of the project by hand and then finalized the design in SketchUp.

The cube can be lifted and turned to play chess, checkers, backgammon, cards or Scrabble. Its six sides each feature hand-cut wood veneers: mahogany, holly, laurel, burl, plus hand-carved decorative inlays made with hand tools.

“Marquetry is a dominant element in many of my designs,” Snow says. “I employ a variety of wood species and grains with shading to create images with realism and depth.”

Three faces of the cube are game boards and the other three sides feature an inlaid compass rose, a tumbling blocks pattern and a field of maple burl.

The project’s “biggest challenge was constructing and finishing a cube that’s square, lightweight, durable, and beautiful,” Snow notes.

Crafted of solid mahogany, the base of the unit connects with loose tenon joinery, and it has an inset drawer for storing the game pieces. The cube is reinforced along the seams and glued together. Its cavity is filled with lightweight foam and the exterior has raised edges making it easier to move.

The Game Cube, which Snow says he first showed at the 2013 Smithsonian Craft Show, also was entered in the 2013 Custom Woodworking Business Design Portfolio Awards. The project was selected as a runner-up in the People’s Choice voting.

Snow Woodworks, which started in 2001, specializes in custom heirloom furniture featuring marquetry and inlay carved from a variety of domestic and exotic woods.

To view more of Snow’s projects, visit his gallery at snowwoodworks.com.

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