For centuries custom woodworkers have used their skills to create not only functional pieces like furniture and cabinetry, but the highly skilled artisans also use wood as a canvas, showcasing their artistry.

The Furniture Guild, located in Canton, GA, is an organization that has brought together a group of these artisans to share and develop their craft.

“The guild is an operation where professional people come together to do a performance,” says Chuck Johnson, president, in a video on the company’s web site. “Like the Screen Actors Guild [who] are all professionals in their own right, they all have their own craft and they come together to do a play. I wanted to bring people of that same caliber into our company whether they were an artist to do finishing or a craftsman to do building.”

The Furniture Guild started in 1984 and produces some of the highest quality bath, bedroom and kitchen furniture. Artisans work on each project individually in a process that the organization calls “bench made”. There is no assembly line and all of the parts are placed on a cart and the furniture maker puts it together by himself. He is responsible for everything from trim work to assembly and finishing. When the project is complete, the artisan signs and dates the piece, like the Rustique Farmhouse Sink Cabinet shown above.

This Natural Front Farmhouse sink, in solid black granite with a natural front apron, is a new product from Stone Forest, and it showcases rustic cabinetry manufactured by The Furniture Guild in Northern white cedar with Briar finish.

The Furniture Guild incorporates environmentally friendly practices in its manufacturing process using formaldehyde-free plywood and sustainable finishes. Hardware includes soft-close guides and slides.

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