Seth Rozcki founded Rozycki Woodworks with his wife Bonnie in 2005, producing cedar saunas at  his woodshop in Royalton, MN.

"We maintain our original company structure as a small family-owned and operated business,"  Rozycki says. "Our primary focus has been and continues to be producing handmade saunas and offering high quality sauna accessories."

The barrel-shaped saunas, like giant wine casks, come in two versions: True Bent Stave, in which each barrel slat tapers at the ends, and Barrel Saunas made with straight staves, providing more roominess.

The barrels, seating six, are made using 1 5/8-inch high-grade cedar and stainless hoops in Rozycki's one-man shop. They are equipped with either an electric stove or a wood-fired one.

"All of our saunas are sold directly to our customers, forgoing third party involvement and increased overhead," Rozycki says. A barrel sauna made with premium clear cedar was listed at $6,450 in a recent New York Times article.

Rozycki says his True Bent Stave Barrel Saunas uses a traditional cooperage approach with stainless steel hoops, not screws or glue, to hold the structure together. "This type of traditional construction is an art-form and woodworking achievement within itself," he says.

The Bent Stave Barrel Sauna is made with "a ball and socket joint, creating a weather-tight seal," Rozycjki says. "This key feature will keep the staves properly aligned for years to come." Features include a door with a tempered glass window, full-length sauna benches, waterproofed stained exterior, and smooth finished interior.

Rozycjki and his wife built their first small shop in 2007. Business grew steadily and in 2012 the family upgraded to bigger quarters.

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