Architectural designer Rahil Taj says his background in architecture - He studied at Southern California Institute of Architecture - inspires the functionality of the furniture he designs and builds, emphasizing walnut, hickory, metal and acrylic.

Taj says his RAH:DESIGNS "pushes the boundaries to the limits by going above and beyond what the client asks for, paying attention to every detail and perfecting each piece." "We are a full service furniture design company taking the raw essence of each material 

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and shaping it into something that is both functional and beautiful."

In high school, Rahil Taj took an architecture class and discovered his natural aptitude for design. Taj describes his work as "mid-century with an industrial twist." 

An avid player of ice and roller hockey, Taj is also putting his skills and style to use as a competitor on SpikeTV's Framework reality TV furniture building competition. If he wins, Rahil wants to use his winnings to open up his own shop and realize his dream of getting his uniquely creative designs out into the world.

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