Wooden Hammock by Adam Cornish is a new take on a classic design. Australian, Cornish has a degree in furniture design from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

"My work is inspired by the forces which interact with our world," he said in a profile for a 2010 exhibition. "When forces meet materials they cause patterns, shapes and structures which are evident in our everyday life. A force that would completely splinter and destroy a piece of wood will gently ripple and bend a piece of stainless steel in the most beautiful manner. I try to create objects using this simple observation."

His Wooden Hammock adapts to the human spine. The wooden segments allow the hammock to flex and mould to form a wooden cocoon, which cradles the body of the individual user. His hammocks would retail for $3,000 and up.

Cornish designed his Wooden Hammock is to be manufactured from a standard sheet of plantation grown plywood.

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