The U.S. home construction and cabinet markets are undergoing a dramatic transformation as they rebound from the economic downturn of 2008. Today’s buyers are changing, styles and preferences have transformed and environmental messaging is now part of the regular conversation.

To find out more about these trending topics that impact cabinet sales, Timber Products Company caught up with Rob Kass, vice president and chief marketing officer at Elkay Manufacturing Company, for his thoughts on homebuilding, style trends and meeting environmental requirements.

We are featuring a new question each day this week so check back every day for a new bit of information. Yesterday’s question was on the size of U.S. homes. Today’s question is on style trends.

TP: What design and style trends to do you see in the next few years?

Kass: The trend today continues to be simple and clean designs along with the growing importance of interior cabinet accessories that maximize the space and allow for easy accessibility. More consumers are choosing painted finishes with white and off-white being the most popular. In a very budget-conscious economy, consumers are looking for perceived value where price, quality and features are all balanced to give them the most for their dollars. Bath vanities are also trending toward cleaner lines and transitional styles, with furniture-style vanities and flexible storage growing in popularity.

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