BOSTON - Researchers at MIT's Media Lab have designed a multi-functional storage solution that integrates kitchen cabinetry, bedroom and office furniture, exercise equipment and entertainment systems in 840 square feet. 

Kent Larson and Hasier Larrea say the CityHome can function as an apartment two to three times its size.

The high-tech cabinetry system operates on low-friction rollers and responds to hand gestures and voice commands. Internal motors transform the CityHome into a bedroom, home gym, kitchen, living room or office space.

Larson and Larrea developed the CityHome as part of the MIT Media Lab's Changing Places group, which proposes that fundamentally new strategies must be found for creating the places where people live and work. 

Larson told Fast Company Design's website that the researchers are planning to bring the CityHome to market through a startup venture or through a commercial sponsor.

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