Luxury kitchen designer Poggenpohl US released a new finish -- Stone Grey, offering a neutral and understated tone to its elegant cabinet line.

With the bold, bright neon colors so prevalent at industry design shows, Poggenpohl's Stone Grey finish is its take on the latest trend towards cooler, softer shades, which can blend well with other colors. Stone Grey comes as a melamine resin, hydro varnish or as a high-gloss varnish.

"The create a color that could play well with other beautiful colors in a magnetic, warm and mysterious way," says Manfred Junker, chef designer for Poggenpohl. "The colors that have defined Poggenpohl in the last few years have set the basis for our inspiration. We've decided that we should come up with a new grey... a grey that, contrary to what already existed, could combine with warmer colors and get into our cozy kitchens, even warmer and inviting environments."

Poggenpohl US also has debuted a classic white finish for its high-gloss lacquer panels. And earlier this year the company launched its goldreif by Poggenpohl line, targeting mid-market to premium buyers, in the U.S.

"The aim with goldreif is to increase market share in the mid market to premium segment, to complement Poggenpohl's luxury market position," says Neil Bailey, president of Poggenpohl U.S.

goldreif by Poggenpohl" line to the U.S. market.

Porsche Collaboration
Poggenpohl also has a line of kitchen cabinetry designed in conjunction with Porsche Design Studios. The Porsche Design Kitchen, as it's called, features aluminium-framed cabinets with  metallic materials sealed with special anodised coatings in exclusive colors, as well as textured woodgrain surfaces.

Poggenpohl, which has created luxury kitchens for more than 120 years, is a brand of Nobia, one of Europe's largest kitchen manufacturers. Nobia employs approximately 6,500 employees in eight European countries. There are over 450 Poggenpohl design studios worldwide. Poggenpohl US has several locations including New Jersey, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

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