KBIS, a hotbed of finishes, color, and design trends, also reflects both changing lifestyles, and creative possibilities of functional hardware and LED technologies released in the past two years.

Here are the top trends from this KBIS 2015, so far:

1.) The potential for creative expression using the new generations of functional cabinet hardware - slides, flap hinges, pullout shelving, motorized lifts - are driving new approaches to cabinetry design.

2.) Vanities as furniture - for some reason, freestanding bathroom vanity cabinets that look like furniture are everywhere. It allows the small room to express a unique style more integrated to the rooms around it.

3.) Mixed materials: the question of whether it would be reclaimed wood or Eurogloss panels that would dominate the landscape seems to be settling for a compromise: it's both.

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4.) Smart interiors:  electronics are part of everyday living, with controls of household utilities and kitchen appliances part of the package. The entertainment 'center' is no longer separate from wherever we are - so be prepared to wire every cabinet for light, power access, and connects to central control systems.

5.) Gray punctuated with vibrant colors, with WilsonArt, Formica, and laminate and panel firms setting style trends.

Okay - a couple more, with more to come later.

6.) Social media - home decor as a lifestyle is reflected in the many television and web programs devoted to the subject. This KBIS 2015 saw more TV and web personalities per square foot than ever.

7.) Finding and vetting you - if you looked around the floor you would also notice HomeAdvisor, Porch.com, Pro.com - services designed to help consumers find you. HomeAdvisor in particular, with 30 million household users and 90,000 professionals as providers, made a splashy show at KBIS 2015.

Technology also allows design and cabinet companies to more easily tailor projects to individual lifestyle and preferences. Wood-Mode's Pet Parlor, Metrie's moulding and millwork interiors, Ryvyr's floating vanities, Hafele's pole-based home storage system, are examples of the adaptation of style to individualized preferences.

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