A pair of gnarled wood and tree root chairs from Al Capone's northern Wisconsin hideout is among items by be auctioned by Wright Chicago auctioneers, in conjunction with Blackman Cruz, a Los Angeles dealer.

Al Capone is America's most notorious gangster. He built a gangland hideout near Couderay, WI in the mid-1920s. Capone's living quarters were in the main lodge. There are 9 other buildings including a gun tower, bunkhouse and jail cell, a single-person cell which is surrounded by a small exercise yard. The estate's 18-inch thick walls were built to withstand attacks by rival gangs as well as the Federal police.

While Wright's specialty is auctioning unique modern furnishings, it also has some interesting objects, including an 1876 patent model for a window shutter, shown here in three views, and a model staircase, shown from multiple perspectives.

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